Is my mole OK?

A mole is a common type of skin growth, caused by clusters of pigmented cells. 

The first sign of melanoma is often a changing mole, or a new skin spot which looks like a mole.

Early detection of melanoma is vital to save lives.

ABCDE Guidelines

Here is a simple ABCDE guide to monitor your skin for early signs of melanoma.

Seek expert advice if you SEE any of the following changes to a mole:

One half does not match the other.

The edges are irregular, ragged, notched or blurred.

The colour is not the same all over, but may have shades of brown or black, or even red, white or blue.

The area is larger than 6mm, or is growing larger.

Changing in size, shape, colour, elevation or another trait (such as itching, bleeding or crusting).